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Newcomers - Welcome!

We are glad you are here! Be sure to visit with us during the social hour after every service! There is more information available in the front entry, and you can speak with anyone on our Membership Committee about the membership process.

Sunday Mornings at UUFGC

Our services are held from 10:45 to noon on Sundays from late August to mid June.

Typically the children remain in the service for about the first 20 minutes which usually includes opening words, some singing, an opportunity for expression of personal joys and sorrows, and often a "story for all ages". The children may then go to classrooms for religious education, and the adults will have an opportunity to hear a sermon, usually on a topic of spirituality and/or social justice. As time permits it is our practice to have a few minutes for discussion or shared thoughts in response to the sermon before we close with a song. Some Sundays may diverge from this format, especially our inter-generational services (about 6 a year) which are designed to include children for the full service. Children are often active participants in these services.

For parents of infants and toddlers who become restless, we offer a room adjoining the sanctuary which affords both visual and audio access to the service.

Dress at our church is always eclectic and informal.

September 9, 2018 at 10:45 AM - Homer; The Greek Legacy and US

Rev. Terry Ellen:
The whole Greek philosophical venture arose from the wide freedom of inquiry and the tender ethic of care that Homer engendered. We can still use his great heart today.
The Social Action Sunday collect will go to support the Mission of Mercy dental clinic.

September 16, 2018 at 10:45 AM - Water Service

This is our traditional service of welcoming the fellowship after the summer hiatus. We bring together the waters of the earth. We are mindful that water is the source of all life. Each person in attendance is invited to bring a small container of water that you may have collected from the place or places that you have been during the summer, and briefly share why this water is important in your life (water will be available to symbolize that which you may not have been able to collect ... so that everyone who wishes to is able to take part).

September 23, 2018 from 12:45 - 2:00 PM - "Awe"

Rev. Paul Britner:
It's easy for a faith rooted in reason to lose its sense of reverence. Yet, as Rev. Paul suggests in this message, faith begins with a sense of both wonder and dread - or to use one word, awe.

September 30, 2018 at 10:45 AM - The End of Suffering

Rev. Kenton Stone:
A member of my PTSD support group recently wrote me as leader saying. "I remember how a Buddhist teacher got asked: 'Does compassion for our abusers mean we have to let the abuse continue?' The teacher answered: 'No. If you can stop it, then do stop it. Out of compassion for yourself and out of compassion for your abuser.' He was talking about how the abuser was creating bad karma for himself."
Is compassion compatible with activism to end sexual abuse, domestic violence, and the wars that lead to combat trauma?
My support group says of course it is, as it has supported members in their activism of pressing charges and witness in court to bring their abusers to trial and conviction, with compassion all the while. They teach us that compassion is courageous, not soft. It's essential to coming got the end of suffering.

Directions to UUFGC

211 S. Lee St., Cumberland, Md.

From Greene St. in Cumberland, turn onto S. Lee Street (beside the Sheetz store) and go 1 1/2 blocks. The Fellowship is on the left, just before entering Interstate 68.

From points east, take Interstate 68 westbound to exit 43A, Beall St. Bear right, and UUFGC is the first building on the right.

From points west, take Interstate 68 eastbound to exit 43A, Johnson Street, bear left. At the traffic light turn left onto Greene St. Go two blocks to the next traffic light and turn left onto S. Lee St. In the second block, UUFGC will be on the left.

Parking is ample and nearby in our own lot behind the building. Additional parking is available on the paved lot next to the building.

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